The popular local Facebook page, Lubbock County Mugshots, shared a home security video of what appears to be a man riding through a neighborhood on a bike and shooting a stray dog. It's hard to tell exactly what's happening in the footage, but the gunshot is pretty unmistakable.

Here's what they wrote in the original post above the video:

“This video was taken last night at 11:24 on the 6100 block of Ave S. A man on a bike [shot] and kiIIed a dog. Please if I can remain anonymous. Just keeping a look for people in the area."

Here's the video:

Locals are pretty upset about the video and left their displeasure in the comment section below the video. Here are a few of their comments:

"That's heartbreaking"

"Heard it on my cameras as well and came strolling on my street afterwards smh"

"I can understand if the dog is being aggressive, that’s a very scary feeling for someone riding a bike/ on a skateboard. But you shouldn’t shoot the animal."

"So sad. How easy it is for people to shoot. Lubbock is getting crazy."

"This was recorded 2 houses down from me. Crackhead squatters living in an abandoned house on the street. Scary to think they have guns and don’t mind shooting in the middle of street. Wish LPD would do something before I have to."

Lubbock certainly has a problem with stray animals. There is no denying that. But, shooting them recklessly isn't the solution. If you know more about what happened in this video, I'd like to talk to you. Please comment on this article or email me at

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