I'll be the first to admit it: when I see a restaurant pleading for help on social media, I tend to raise an eyebrow before I shed a tear. We see it a lot, and half the time it's the eatery's fault that they are not thriving. 

However, when I saw El Ranchito Burrito send out a distress signal, I knew their woes were through no fault of their own.

El Ranchito (4529 34th St.) is one of Lubbock's best burrito drive-thru spots, with generous portions and great prices. They've been around for 20 years, so they know how to make their customers happy. Do yourself a favor and try their Chile Rellano burrito, you will not regret it.


El Ranchito Burrito is experiencing construction woes.

Road construction doesn't happen overnight, so when it happens near a small business, it can make for a devastating few weeks. Mary, the owner of El Ranchito, posted to LBK Foodies that the construction is hurting many of the "Mom and Pop" businesses on 34th between Quaker and Slide.

How can we help?

Many of us have limited time before work for breakfast or during our lunch hour, but if you do have a few extra minutes to spare, consider El Ranchito. They are open every day except Sunday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and have an exciting menu full of great options.

They have the usual breakfast burrito flavors like egg, ham, sausage, and bacon, but also have choices like hot links, rajas (poblano pepper), chicharron, barbacoa, and more. Burritos and breakfast plates are available.

For lunch, there is also your choice of a great burrito or a filling plate, including daily lunch specials and children's plates. Doesn't a brisket or al pastor sound amazing? Yes, it does!

I am confident that El Rachito will pull through this tough time, especially if we all do ourselves a favor and take a little extra time for some of Lubbock's best burritos.

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