If you're spending your first summer in Lubbock, Texas, welcome! We're glad to have you here! If you're spending your 50th summer in Lubbock, then you totally deserve an award. You might even look into getting yourself registered as a weapon. It takes a special kind of person to endure that many heat waves in the Hub City. Your dedication is commendable.

Enjoy this list of the top 14 best and worst things about summer in Lubbock, Texas with a grain of salt. It was put together, with love, by various local radio personalities, stand-up comedians, local business owners, and residents of the 806.

Top 14 Best and Worst Things About Summer In Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock or leave it, baby!

I hope you enjoyed that wild ride! Keep your seatbelts fastened, and your hands inside the vehicle, and keep on scrolling for more Lubbock fun.

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