The final portion in a multi-day simulation project is near. The Matador Uncrewed Aerial System Consortium, which was co-created by 2THEDGE,LLC, UMC Health System and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, will be using drones to complete a test moving heavy cargo. The simulation will use a drone, designed to carry 500 pounds, to carry Thanksgiving food, donated by HEB and the South Plains Food Bank, from Lubbock to Denver City. This live demonstration will begin at 8 a.m. on November 17 at the Reese Technology Center just West of Lubbock.

University Medical Center's regional ambulance bus will also be following the drone to Denver City and work as a mobile medical clinic offering free flu tests and vaccinations to the community. Along with those free medical offers residents will be given a bag of food from the drones journey to take home with them just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday from 10 a.m. to noon. At noon the drone will be relaunched from Denver City on route back to Lubbock with simulated lab specimens back to Reese Center and then to the UMC Health Systems laboratory.

According to a Press Release, these tests are being conducted here in West Texas because Lubbock is the perfect place to establish, research, and test a potential drone superhighway. It is also believed that by the year 2035 there could be an estimated 6.5 million drone flights occurring everyday transporting things such as food all the way to important things such as medical supplies. Remember if you see the drone in flight it is not a UFO but a sneak preview of what our future could look all over the world when it comes to life saving medicine, groceries for the elderly, or basic fast food delivery.

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