Looks can be deceiving here in West Texas! Beware the cute little Lady Bug, it might bite.

I saw this adorable little Lady Bug and thought 'Wow, that's cool, haven't seen one in a long time! "

So I snapped a picture and googled Lady Bugs just out of curiosity. As a kid I remember being fascinated by these friendly little 'good luck' ladies.

To my unhappy surprise I learned that here in West Texas what looks like a harmless little Lady Bug could be something else that bites! 

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife these may be something called an Asian Lady Beetle which was introduced here from Asia to control Aphids.

Not only do these Lady Bug impostors bite, but they have a certain unpleasant odor and can leave yellow stain markings behind.

On the upside their bite is essentially harmless and as the weather warms these Asian impostors begin to become more scarce.

According to a news report from College Station they are repelled by anything citrus.

Think twice before picking up that little 'Lady Bug'!

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