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Let's face it, people have a LOT of pre-conceived notions about Texas that they believe are pretty much universal regardless of where we live in the state.

It's assumed that there's always an oil well and a cattle ranch on every road, and that everyone owns at least 10 guns and wears Stetson hats to business meetings.

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Yeah, like this cat.

Of course, we all know that's not an accurate picture of our fair town. It's close, but not totally correct. With that, we may need to clear up some misconceptions about life in Lubbock compared to what people assume Texas is all about.

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Yeah, that's not accurate. You're actually more likely to see someone wearing a baseball cap with the Texas Tech logo on it than anything. Sure, there are some cowboy hat wearin' dudes and dudettes, but they'rre most likely on their way to go line dancing.

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Sure, Dallas is the closest metroplex (see what we did there) to the Hub City, but a five-hour car ride is not "near." It's the same distance from Lubbock to Dallas as it is from Providence, Rhode Island to Baltimore, Maryland.


Okay, that one is true. Moving on.

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Lessee here. When I bought my house, oil rights were not included, nor is it zoned for livestock. You're actually more likely to find tract homes than brahma bulls. That's not saying that we don't have a few ranches and stockyards close by, because you can always smell them after a good rain. That's Lubbock Stank.

Credit: Lubbock


When last I checked, Texas students were in class much more than anyone else during the pandemic, and we happen to have one of the finest universities and health sciences programs in America within our city limits. That's not counting LCU or South Plains College. We take our edukashun seriously in these parts.


Sure, we've got places to do a little boot scootin', but the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts & Sciences is garnering accolades as one of the premier venues in America to see a performance or a concert.

With acts like Foreigner, Alton Brown, Bill Maher, Joan Jett and so many other slated to take the stage, it's a safe bet that you'll see some beautiful Texas people enjoying many nights of culture and entertainment. That's not even considering the level of talent that makes it's way over to the United Supermarkets Arena, such as Paul McCartney, Chris Stapleton, Metallica, Kiss and others.

So, don't let anyone fool you into thinking that Lubbock is just another dusty Texas cowtown. We apologize, but if that's what you are looking for, Odessa is two hours south of here.

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