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From time to time I like to get on the Nextdoor App to see what is happening throughout the community. Of course, people are reporting crime like crazy on the site, and there is the continued debate over which dumpster people can and can't use.

Then there was this post that caught my eye. A citizen in Lubbock was posting that the City of Lubbock Codes Department was now citing or fining people for how their garage doors looked. In particular, the trim of the garage door. The citizen even said that this wasn't a HOA fee, but instead came from the City of Lubbock and the Codes Department.


So is Lubbock really fining people because of their garage door trim? The answer is, mainly no.

According to Stuart Walker with the City of Lubbock Codes Enforcement Division, the City of Lubbock doesn't single out garage doors unless "there is something really wrong with the garage door". When asked about the post made on Nextdoor Walker said it sounded to him like it could be one violation on a case with several other violations.

Walker added that weather proofing is part of the Minimal Housing Code and "if the garage door in that case needs painting, I'd bet the rest of the house does too".

So, while yes your garage door could catch the eye of Codes Enforcement in Lubbock, it's more likely that something else led to that fine. This isn't like tall weeds in your yard or alley.

Also, don't believe everything you read on Nextdoor.

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