Let's face it. It's extremely difficult to avoid talk of the division in our nation today. Heck, this writer used to be a big fan of shows like CBS Sunday Morning and others until the level of political content began to get ramped up a couple of years ago. I'm not saying that I think the shows are biased (they are), but I like some fluff and human interest stories, rather than the usual "the other side sucks" commentary.

However, I honestly thought that I could find a refuge from the division that has been stoked in our nation at a place where everyone is equal.

That place? The grocery store.

Well, before the big Lubbock blizzard, I, along with the entire population of West Texas, decided to stop in to the local grocery concern to grab some staple items and snacks to tide me over during the storm.

As I strolled down the ice cream aisle (one of my favorites), I observed a couple discussing which ice cream to purchase. However, the discussion was NOT about which chocolate chip cookie dough had more chocolate chips. No, this was a far more thought-provoking conversation.

"No. We are NOT getting Ben and Jerry's!"


Why can't we? I love that Cherry Garcia..."


"I thought I made this clear. Ben and Jerry are COMMUNISTS! I will NOT put any of MY MONEY in the pocket of a company that HATES AMERICA as much as they do!"

With that, the couple moved on and picked up a half gallon of another brand. Obviously, the political leanings of Ben & Jerry so profoundly offended this gentleman (and his political leanings) that he swore never to buy a Ben & Jerry's product again. Did he not know that Ben & Jerry were slightly left of center? It's kinda obvious...

Image: Ben & Jerry's
Ben & Jerry's

Fine, that's your prerogative. I had never put it that way before. Personally, I won't buy Ben & Jerry's because it's twice as expensive as the other brands...probably because they have to fund the communist bloc and their initiatives to take over the world, one pint of Chunky Monkey at a time.

Hey, it's your money. Do what you want. Personally, it's not as important to me. If it tastes good (and not overpriced), I'm buying it. If that means that a Russian Oligarch is making profit every time I buy a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, then Приветствую Россию!

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