Hulk Hogan has been removed from the WWE website. It's pretty strange that the WWE would go so far as to even remove him from the Hall Of Fame page. Hogan has also been removed from the list of Tough Enough judges.

Wrestling insider Dave Meltzer is reporting the admins for the WWE were told to remove all references to the wrestler.No one seems to know exactly what is going on, but the rumor is that a tape is going around of a 2012 interview in which he refers to wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson using the n-word and at least one other racial pejorative.

Josh Cohan, a producer with ABC News, said on Twitter that he got a confirmation from the WWE that they had terminated their relationship with the Hulk.

This is crazy, since it was widely known that the Hulk Hogan was shooting for a small comeback at the next WrestleMania event. I'm sure all of this will come out in the news later today, but for now, on the WWE Hall of Fame page, there's a name missing between Howard Finkel and The Iron Shiek.

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