Let's get busy helping our planet in Lubbock! Earth Day is Monday April 22nd and this years theme is Protect Our Species according to the Earth Day website.

There is an unprecedented loss of plant and wildlife on the planet and the time to take action is now. What can you do to help make a difference? A quick search for a Lubbock Earth Day celebration brought me to a Facebook page hosted by Natural Grocers where you can receive a free re-usable shopping bag on Monday from noon-4 pm (one per customer, while supplies last) and you have the opportunity to plant a seed to take home.

This day is an opportunity to really look around and think about ways to help save our planet. Think of things that you can incorporate into your regular routine. Make a commitment to recycle, plant a garden or outreach and network to raise awareness.

Chose something that fits into your life and then do it! One thing I want to commit to is always remembering my re-usable shopping bag when I shop!

This is our planet and it needs our help! Let's get busy!


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