Patrick Mahomes had a ton of big plays through the air in 2015. And 36 of those turned into six points. Here's a supercut of all 36.

The first time I knew Patrick Mahomes was special was when he threw the second touchdown of last season while running left to a crossing receiver through traffic. I looked at my dad and told him, "This guy is the real deal."

Little did I know he'd make ridiculous plays all season long. He also had receivers make great plays, like number ten where Justin Stockton makes a move and outruns everyone for a touchdown, or number 13 where Tony Brown jumps over a defender to catch one.

In 2016, the Red Raider receiving corps has more depth than it did in 2015. Patrick has bulked up and by all accounts improved mentally. With that being said, how many touchdowns will Mahomes throw in 2016? 30? 40? 50?

The Texas Tech school record was set by B.J. Symons, who chucked 52 in 2003. Is Mahomes in for a record-breaking year? Graham Harrell had seasons of 38, 45 and 48. The OG Kliff Kingsbury had 45 in his senior season. Vote your conscience below.

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