Things may be bigger in Texas but our record for hosting Super Bowls is tiny.

The Super Bowl is upon us and, this year, all the action is in Glendale, Arizona. Close enough to Texas for a road trip since Arizona is closer to El Paso than either Houston or Dallas.

Here is the breakdown on time and mileage. From El Paso to Glendale, you're looking at 439 miles. El Paso to Dallas is 634 miles and it's 746 miles from here to Houston.

Dallas and Houston are pretty much the only places in Texas with a facility big enough to hold a Super Bowl and have each done so. Dallas once, (Super Bowl XL) and Houston 3 times. (Super Bowl's VIII, XXXVIII and LI.)

That's it for Texas hosting Super Bowls up to now, 4.

A really small number when compared to the city with the most big games. Miami has  hosted the Super Bowl 11 freakin' times.

Dolphin Stadium Aerial Photos
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It doesn't look like Texas will host a 5th Super Bowl anytime soon either as the next 2 cities have already been selected - Vegas in 2024 and New Orleans in 2025. New Orleans is in 2nd place for most games with a total of 10.

C'mon now, they've had plenty in 'Nawlins and Texas is right next door. WTH? 3rd place goes to Los Angeles with 8. See the rest here.

2026 is still up in the air. Levi Stadium has been suggested however, there is also a slight chance the 2026 game MIGHT be played in London, England.

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