My wife is originally from Germany, needless to say it's hard to find German desserts and breads here in the states, until now!

It's a funny story actually, I was meeting my wife at Einstein Bagels on 82nd Street for lunch one day.  She pulled up to the front door with her Audi.  We haven't changed out license plates yet and the state we were in didn't require front plates, so my wife has the German flag in place of one.

At this same time a woman came out of the front door and her eyes locked on the license plate, they started talking to each other and they discovered they were both from Germany and actually grew up only and hour or so apart.  Now they are both in Lubbock.

We come to also find out that she runs a business called "Cornelia's Bakery" from her home and makes authentic German breads, desserts and even wedding cakes!  My wife got me some "Mandelhornchen" as you see in the photo.  It's chocolate glazed almond horns made with original German marzipan coated with sliced almonds and chocolate. She also made the heart-shaped cookie you see in the photo.

The crazy part is that she makes these all from scratch, by hand with ingredients she imports from Germany!  And the breads too are amazing.  European bread is quite different from ours, much heavier and more flavorful.  It's so nice to know we can buy these here in Lubbock!

If you have an event, need a special gift or just want to try some of these amazing treats call Connie at 806-470-5625 or email her at

Doug Brannson