This week's hidden gem restaurant in Lubbock has been a place I have driven by before but never went to. After trying it I am mad at myself for it taking so long.

It is called Mi Taco Village and it has been at that location in Lubbock for 14 years, going on 15.

The owner, Guadalupe Mejia Jr, has been running it for that long, and before that, he was a sous chef at Cafe J for three and a half years.

Their top seller are anything with green chili queso: like the green chile chicken enchiladas, the green chili chicken nachos, and the beef and cheese Chile relleno with chili caso on them. A lot of people like their Chicken Chalupa.

"The Chile relleno recipe actually belonged to my great grandmother and my grandmother taught it to me. My mom made sure I didn't forget it by making them every day," said Mejia.

They also do breakfast all day long. You can even get scrambled or fried eggs with your burrito.

Plus their daily specials are top-notch with all-you-can-eat options. They do a red burrito salad with endless option on Monday, Friday and Saturday. Tuesday is all-you-can-eat taco Tuesday. Wednesday is all-you-can-eat tamales. Thursday is the Mexican flag burrito. With these all-you-can-eat options, you can add all-you-can-eat beans and rice for $1.

Kelsee Pitman
Kelsee Pitman

Mi Taco Village has won various award and has been featured in Texas Monthly at least twice for the best Chile relleno in the state of Texas.

"I love the faces of the customers. The customers are your greatest satisfaction when you can bring a smile to them and they say this is exactly what I wanted. I was thinking about it when I woke up this morning," said Mejia.

They are currently working on trying to bottle their hot sauce and queso for people to be able to come by their store and buy it to take home. They hope to do some other options as well. Along with opening up a bottling location.

They have a gospel night on Tuesday night, which is Taco Tuesday and they have live music on Friday night, which is a variety of musicians.

You can check out Mi Taco Village at 220 Regis St., Lubbock, TX.


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