There's a trend going around TikTok involving people's eating habits. I know, it sounds pretty boring. Who cares about how other people eat? Well, you might care about this one, and you also might have a similar experience.

The TikTok that started it all is one where Tay Becker asked: "What is the weird food your family ate growing up, but didn’t realize it was really weird until you got older?" This video gained over 710,000 views, almost 35,000 likes and hundreds of people stitching her original video to share their answers.

The answers range from really simple food combinations that aren't common but sound like they could be pretty good, all the way to crazy stuff that I don't know if most people would be brave enough to try out.

Some of the simpler responses I've seen are things like the original video's pea salad, which is simply cold peas, mayonnaise and sugar. That is definitely not common, but it doesn’t seem too extreme. Then we get into the wild responses like ‘Damn if I Know Soup.’ This is apparently a soup consisting of all the leftovers and old food in the fridge thrown into a pot and cooked up. It sounds absolutely wild, but according to a user, it's delicious.

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I know that I have my food that I ate growing up that no one outside of my family knows what it is. According to my mother, my Nana claimed to be the inventor of this snack.

You take Triscuits, your favorite pickle chip (typically dill) and American cheese. You put the pickles on the cracker, place the cheese on top of the pickle and broil them until the cheese melts. Some pro tips are to tear the cheese slices into fourths so they are perfectly sized for the crackers, and broil them until you start to get some browning on the cheese. We just called them Triscuits, and they are delicious.

Here are some more examples that I found on TikTok and from my friends:

  • Tag Pears: Canned pears rolled in graham crackers and topped with the pear juice, mayonnaise, and shredded cheddar cheese
  • S.O.S. aka 'Stuff' on a Shingle: Toast covered in white gravy with canned corn beef
  • President Salad: Cold spaghetti noodles topped with lettuce, chicken, croutons, cheese, and french dressing
  • Microwaved American cheese with bacon bits
  • Tuna waffles
  • Peanut butter, bologna and sugar sandwich

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