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Have you ever wondered just how safe your neighborhood or street really is? For years now, we've heard how Lubbock is considered a dangerous city. In August of 2021, the Lubbock Police Department pushed back against a report claiming that Lubbock was the third most dangerous city in America.

Lubbock Police pointed to statistics showing a drop in many areas of criminal activity. Yet, crime still seems to be on the rise in Lubbock and with the rise of different social media apps where people can "report" things that are happening in their neighborhood, we seem to always hear about potential crimes.

Recently, I sat down with Sergeant Steven Bergen of the Lubbock Police Department for an interview on This Week In Lubbock. We discussed crime in Lubbock and the importance of Lubbock Police being in neighborhoods and meeting with citizens.

Bergen said that one helpful tool he uses to check how much crime is taking place on a certain street or neighborhood is by using the Crime Mapping link on the Lubbock Police Department's website.

One great part about the map is that it is free and anyone can use it to search for their street and neighborhood. Just type in your address and the map will show you the crimes committed within one mile of your home or business. You can also increase the search area and of course look over the entire city. Different icons will come up and when you click on them, they will give you information about the crime.

The Crime Mapping tool from the Lubbock Police Department is a great tool to use to stay informed about what is happening on your street and neighborhood.

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