We all know we would do anything for our four-legged friends. This new mobile paw-tique in Lubbock is a great way to give them love and spoil them.

I met Lexy Guzman, the owner of Bandana & Boujee Mobile Paw-Tique, back when she started it back in 2020. I always knew she had a kind heart and a love for others and animals, but I didn't know her real story until this year.

She started the company in June 2020 after her devastating surgery. Guzman found out she had to have a total hysterectomy because of grapefruit-sized cysts on her ovaries. It could develop into cancer in her cervix, which meant she would sadly never be able to have children. Because of this tragic news, she threw her love and passion into her fur babies.

"Focusing on my fur babies seemed to ease my mind and make everything better, dressing them up made me happy. So I decided I was going to make them bandanas," said Guzman.

Guzman said people at dog parks loved the idea, so she started making them. That's how B&B basically started.

Bandana & Boujee Mobile Paw-Tique
Bandana & Boujee Mobile Paw-Tique

Pet bandanas grew into people wanting treats, so she did research on that as well. She started a website and got orders worldwide from New York, Nevada, Colorado, Alaska, California and more.

Then, in July 2022, came big news. Guzman's husband purchased her a cargo trailer so she could take the business mobile.

"It took one full week to do the flooring, paint, add lights, and more," said Guzman. "We have booked pop-ups until August and are still looking for places to go set up."

Bandana & Boujee Mobile Paw-Tique
Bandana & Boujee Mobile Paw-Tique

Even with her growth and success, Guzman has remained the same kind, caring person. She donates bandanas every couple of months to Lubbock Animal Shelter, which definitely helps dogs get adopted.

Bandana & Boujee Mobile Paw-Tique now offers pet bandanas, leashes, collars, paw wax, hair bows, treats, pup cakes, birthday cakes, birthday packages and much more.

"My fur babies healed my broken heart, so I will continue to spoil them all the days of my life," said Guzman.

You can find out more about Bandana & Boujee Mobile Paw-Tique on their official Facebook page and where they'll be next. They also have a small setup inside of He-Brews Coffee, located at 2700 Marshall Street in Lubbock.

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