The Cheesecake Factory Lubbock TX

Exciting news! Construction is now underway at the Lubbock The Cheesecake Factory site at the South Plains Mall.

It sure is great to see that they're going to be right next to Barnes & Noble — two fantastic favorites soon to be neighbors.

I love The Cheesecake Factory. If you're not familiar with it, you will soon find that it's a big, bold and beautiful restaurant with an amazing menu that covers lots of ground. It features page after page of exciting delicious choices, dabbling in a cool variety of cuisines. (The toughest part is making up your mind about what to order.)

Then, to top off their tremendous menu, they will blow you away with one of the biggest selections of cheesecakes and other grand desserts imaginable.

You can follow this link to their main site for more The Cheesecake Factory information, and read more about the Lubbock Cheesecake Factory here.


Our taste buds are set, so we'll keep you posted on progress and will be counting the days until The Cheesecake Factory opens with you.

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