When I'm driving around Lubbock and see a new building coming, I get super excited and start wondering what's going on. So when I saw this building in the picture above, I got curious. I know there's been a lot of growth to Milwaukee Ave., so it's no shock that something new is coming.

If you're a coffee lover, you might already know what this building is just by the shape. This will be home to the fifth Dutch Bros. Currently, there are three open already, with the newest being on Quaker Ave.

Coming very soon, the fourth Lubbock location will be open up at University and 82nd on January 5th, 2022. Then, following up sometime in February, the building above on Milwaukee Ave. will open up as well. The official opening date has not been set because it depends on how the construction goes.

If you've never heard or been to Dutch Bros., you're really missing out. Not only do they serve awesome coffees, smoothies, freezes, teas and much more, but they love supporting to community as well. They have taken Lubbock by storm since they opened their first location in April 2021, and everyone seems to love them.

They're always changing their menu to show their wide range of options they have to offer. If what you love is not there anymore, don't fret because they can still make it. They just like showing you other things you can get that they make.

If you want to learn more about Dutch Bros., check out their website.

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