Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson and City of Lubbock officials met Tuesday (Dec. 29) to discuss Lubbock’s response effort following this past weekend's epic snowstorm.

A brief overview of what was discussed and decided for the rest of week.

City Hall will reopen Wednesday, December 30 at 10 a.m. and maintain a regular schedule after that.

For the foreseeable future, city trash collection will be limited to hospitals and other necessary buildings. Collection bins will be placed at recycling centers where residents can drop their trash.

Snow plows will not clear off residential streets due to City officials' concerns that sending a snow plow down a residential street would cause excess build up in driveways and make the conditions worse for homeowners. However, snow plows will be working on city streets for the rest of the week and will target high traffic areas like intersections.

Glen C. Robertson speaks at winter storm press conference
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Despite the storm being over, Mayor Robertson doesn’t believe Lubbock is out of the woods, telling KAMC News: "I envision we're going to have another tough couple of days…24-48 hours of major inconvenience to our citizens and we're just asking for patience."

Robertson closed by saying he doesn't believe there was much more the city could have done to better prepare for the onslaught of snow and ice.

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