A few months ago, we talked with Darrell Maloney about something bizarre buried under a house on 37th St & Hartford in Lubbock. And now we've seen something even spookier that was apparently captured on camera in the home.

The main mysterious fact about this house is that there is a car buried under it. We recently talked about that post on our Facebook page and received a comment from Michael Fortner, who lived in the house with his parents and little brother and sister from 1978 until 1998.

Fortner had grown up and moved out by the time his folks moved in 1998, but said it was his family who actually discovered the car under the house.

His father discovered a hole on the ground beside the house that wouldn't fill in no matter how much dirt he used. Michael's dad had city workers dig under the house, where they discovered an "old timey car from the early 1900s."

The city was able to extract all of the car except the trunk, which would have compromised the integrity of the house's foundation. So to this day, no one knows what mystery is buried in the trunk of that car under the house.

Fortner told us that he had heard that C.W. Post owned land where the house is located (not confirmed) and that he had heard rumors that Post was involved in the occult (also unconfirmed) and suffered bouts with depression. Ultimately, Post committed suicide at his home in California.

He also told us about strange experiences that his family encountered, including his dad being in the middle of taking a nap only to feel someone getting into bed with him and no one actually being there. Another spooky incident was when his mom lost her wedding ring and, days later, it fell out of the air conditioning vent in the ceiling, as well as a photo of a little boy. He said that his dad went up into the attic, but found it empty.

Fortner has a younger brother named Bobby and a younger sister. He said that their mom would make Bobby paperdolls out of cardboard and he would tear them up. When their mom asked Bobby why he tore them up, he would always say "he told me to," pointing to thin air. Imaginary friend, or ghostly entity?

ghost in tv
Photo provided by Michael Fortner

But most intriguing was a photo (seen above) that Fortner shared of his brother Bobby laying on their den floor with a TV set in the background. Televisions back then had black screens when they were turned off, and this television was indeed off; you can see the flash of the camera on the screen. But next to that flash is what appears to be a silhouette of a figure on the television screen even though it's off.

Michael said that even though his family heard that people had committed suicide in the house throughout the years (it was apparently built in the 1950s), he and his family never felt that scared by any of the eerie occurrences.


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