Garth Brooks inspires us to focus on the positive. In a continuation of the conversation I had with Garth about his fifth Lubbock, Texas show, the singer talks about the U.S. being divided and discusses how important it is for us to pull together.

"We're just really divided right now and everything's about unity, everything's about loving one another because if we're going to get anywhere we're only going to get there together," Garth said. "...trying to urge people to realize our differences are what makes us a strong country."

It was really tremendous to hear Garth's energy and focus on this positive message. At the end of the day, if we can agree to disagree, and agree to love one another at the same time, we will find what we need to pull through this divided time.

Garth shares more of  his 'love one another' message on his Facebook live Studio G talks.

There is more of this interview that I will share with you soon! This is really great, inspiring stuff. It is going to be absolutely tremendous to have Garth here in Lubbock for five shows.

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