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One of the downsides to working on morning radio is that I am completely dead to the world after about 8 p.m. on weekdays. That didn't stop a million people from texting me and asking me if I had gone outside to see the lunar eclipse. I was even invited to come over and sip cocktails and watch it. Of course, I had to say no. Which totally sucked because I could always go for some booze. Sigh.

I begrudgingly wandered outside to my backyard to have a little peek at it, around 8:30, but of course that was before it got super cool. It was just partially hidden when I looked up before dragging myself back to bed, but it's clear by the number of terrible cell phone pictures on the internet today that everyone else was out there enjoying the magic.

For anyone who hasn't had enough of them on their Facebook timeline yet, below is a collection of lunar eclipse photos that range from awesome to absolutely terrible. If you took an exceptionally good or bad photo of the eclipse, please feel free to drop the picture in the comment section below this article on our the FMX Facebook page. We'd love to add your photo to the mix. We're just sure that yours is extra special and looks way different from everyone else's.

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