Jan's Photos From The Furry 500

With help from Lubbock Animal Services and many great sponsors, our radio station event The Furry 500, microchipped and vaccinated more than 500 dogs and cats for free at the Lubbock Civic Center.

It was an incredible event, overflowing with many unique and special moments. Dogs were everywhere you looked. Here are a few that I was able to capture that were a little off-beat.

One special lady had a very unique dog without much fur. She said her Chinese Crested was one of the few of its kind.

Another dog captured my attention because he reminded me so much of the dog in the story 'The Poky Little Puppy'!

And then there was the table pup, not much bigger than the frozen treat!

Becca Miller, my dog trainer, was out with us to meet everyone and eventually got on the frontline and pitched in with the vaccination work.

About 650 dogs and cats were vaccinated and microchipped for free Saturday, June 9th. It was an incredible amount of work from all of our sponsors and volunteers, and everyone's efforts are greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for coming out; it was great to meet you!

You can find a full list of sponsors, more pictures and details by following this link.

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