It looks like another school is almost ready to go for Frenship ISD.

This new middle school is set to open in August of 2023 and finally has a name. During the January 19th, 2023 school board meeting, the Frenship ISD Board of Trustees approved the name for the fourth middle school. The Board of Trustees also approved the new 2023-2024 middle school attendance boundaries.

According to their website, "designated as one of the fastest-growing school districts in Texas, the addition of a fourth middle school will help accommodate the rising student enrollment and alleviate crowding in the existing middle schools. Currently, Frenship serves nearly 2,500 middle school students across three campuses, and demographers project that number will continue to increase over the next 10 years."

The new school will be called Alcove Trails Middle School and will impact attendance boundaries for all Frenship middle school campuses. Frenship pushed out a name nomination form in November and received nearly 1,600 name submissions for the new school. Based on those submissions, the Board of Trustees approved the name as Alcove Trails Middle School.

Guided by School Board Policy, Frenship ISD gathered input from Frenship staff, parents, and community members on the proposed attendance boundaries over the course of several months during town halls and school board meetings.

Based on input, along with growth and enrollment projections and research, the Board of Trustees approved what was known as “Proposed Attendance Boundaries Option B”.

The new attendance boundaries for the 2023-2024 school year can be found here below or on their website.

Frenship ISD
Frenship ISD

For updates on Alcove Trails Middle School construction, timelines, boundaries, and more, head over to their website.

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