If you missed it, Janine Beckie played in the Women's World Cup for her home country of Canada. She was awesome during Canada's run, but in their final loss to Sweden, she missed a penalty kick that would have equalized the game in the 68th minute.

After the match, through the power of social media, a lovely and kind Canadian fan reached out to Beckie:

The World Cup loss was weeks ago, so Beckie has been sitting on this garbage until she could put it out there.

In response, I would say to the person who sent the message, if you can't handle losing money, don't bet on sports; you'll lose a lot of it. Also, wishing death on athletes for doing something you couldn't dream of doing is absolutely ridiculous. Reaching out to athletes at all is ridiculous.

If I was famous, I would turn off all notifications. Period. Would I miss some good interactions? Sure, but social media is a cesspool, and this message is just the tip of the iceberg to what athletes receive daily.

Next time you want to fire up a tweet at a famous athlete for missing a goal or shot or striking out, go ahead and type it all out, and then delete it.

They're already mad at themselves. You won't help.

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