Floydada Animal Services posted a notice on their Facebook page about a dog they found frozen to death.

I will warn you, it shows photos of the poor baby, frozen in the shape it tried to curl up in. I chose not to include them here because my heart can't take it anymore.

Here's what the Floydada Animal Services said about the horrible incident:

‼️We have already found one dog who froze to death right outside of town! 😥 PLEASE make sure your animals are safe and warm through the week! Bring them inside as much as possible! Most breeds cannot handle the temperatures we will get later in the week even with proper shelter!! This is the reality- dogs can freeze to death 🐾😢 we have to be responsible and take care of the pets in our community. Make sure you have proper shelter, proper bedding in that shelter (Straw or Shavings are best- not Hay), please make sure your pets have fresh food and water and bring them inside!! If you think your ‘outside’ pet can’t come inside... even in these conditions, you should not have them! If you need help- do not wait until it is too late to ask for help!! Please be good NEIGHBORS, look around your block -do you see any strays? Any dogs that need someone to have a voice for them- who do not have shelter or food? Any dogs who are tied up unable to fend for themselves? If you see a dog in danger during this Arctic front we are getting this week- PLEASE REPORT this to the city or call your local authorities. It is animal cruelty in Texas to have an animal outside under 32 degrees without proper shelter. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST! Help your community 🐾❤️

Seeing his sweet little paws drawn close to his face made me cry. Then, I got really, really angry.

We have a sacred obligation to the animals in our care to ensure their safety. Just because they are a dog, doesn't mean they can make it outside. We bred them away from wolves, after all, to suit our needs, and now we must alter our behavior to accommodate the traits we created in the first place.

If you are a sociopath and the thought that your animal might die isn't enough to make you bring them in, you should know that animal cruelty, which is exactly what this is, is a felony in Texas "punishable for up to 10 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000."

The weather is going to stay very cold for quite a while, so bring those babies in.

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