Ten-year-old St. Jude patient Ian took center stage during the organization's This Show Saves Lives event in Nashville in late November, as he celebrated the successful end of his second battle with cancer. To mark the conclusion of his last round of chemotherapy, Florida Georgia Line member Brian Kelley joined Ian and his family onstage for a very special St. Jude tradition.

For decades, after their patients have finished treatment, the nurses of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital have celebrated with cheers, confetti and the official "No More Chemo" song: "Our patients have the cutest s-m-i-l-e / Our patients have the sweetest h-e-a-r-t / While we love to see you every day / Now's the time we get to say / Pack your bags, get out the door / You don't get chemo anymore!" 

Ian's "No More Chemo" party took place onstage during This Show Saves Lives event. He was surrounded by family, friends and Kelley, who led the group in singing the special song.

"It's probably just a little six-line song, but it's the heart and spirit behind it that's beautiful," Kelley explained before the event. "That's why I kinda jumped at the opportunity. It's a big day when a patient walks out and they don't have to do any more chemo -- you know, their treatments are done. I can't imagine ... what that would be like, so to throw a big old party to celebrate that, and have a song to match that energy and excitement, I think it's awesome."

In addition to Ian's "No More Chemo" party, the This Show Saves Lives event featured performances from country stars such as Brett Young and Cassadee Pope, a magic show from celebrity magician Justin Flom, a charity auction to benefit St. Jude, a fashion show and much more. The event was part of St. Jude's Country Cares fundraising program, which will kick off its 30th anniversary year with a seminar in Memphis on Jan. 24-Jan. 27.