He paddled his kayak over to the owl who was struggling in the water and it crawled on board with him.

Fox 4 in Dallas reported that the 16-year veteran of the Marines and Army, Gary Olson Jr., was fishing on the advice of his doctor on a river in Austin.

From out of nowhere the owl swooped in and grabbed his fishing lure. Unfortunately, he owl's talon got stuck on the hook and it pulled it back into the water.

That's when Olson paddled up and the owl casually just crawled up onto the end of the kayak and sat there in front of his Go Pro camera.

It sat there calmly for an hour after Olson called animal rescue to come help with the situation. Olson said they had mutual respect for each other and neither he nor the owl seemed to feel threatened at any time.

Animal services arrived and took the owl to a bird sanctuary for rehab before they will release it back into the wild.