Keva Juice was one of those wonderful surprising little finds. While looking for a refreshing and nutritious stop on a hot summer afternoon in Lubbock, we were Googling for juice near us and Keva Juice was it.

When we first walked in, everything looked fresh, fun and inviting. But there were no other customers, so we wondered if it was a popular spot? The friendly staff answered some menu questions and just happened to have made one too many strawberry smoothies. I said I would try it, and right there I was one happy visitor.

Then a funny thing happened: as we placed our order, more and more guests began to show up. Wow -- we were trendsetters! Or probably just fortunate to have walked in when they had a lull. This was a busy, popular spot.

I struck up a conversation with one happy family, a mom with three school-age children. It was one of their favorite spots and they recommended the Strawberry Squeezer, which, as it turned out, was exactly what I was drinking.

This remarkable strawberry smoothie has apple & guava juice, banana, non-fat yogurt, raspberry sherbet & strawberries, according to the Keva menu.

I'd say there's not a bad drink in the house. Plus, you can also create delicious frozen yogurt treats.

According to Keva Juice's website, they're celebrating 10 years in Lubbock. Congratulations, Keva Juice -- you are one of my new favorites!

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