It was a great time at Lone Star Shooting Sports for 102.5 Kiss FM's Renee Raven and myself. Everything could not have been any better, it was amazing.

Of course, we didn't know what to expect. Excited and nervous and both novice shooters, we braced ourselves as we pulled open the front door for this new adventure.

The team was so professional and down-to-earth that we felt more at ease immediately. The facility was stunning. Everything was very well-designed and every detail covered.

We were carefully instructed and guided through every step of the way and were able to gain confidence and have fun. We came away feeling like we'd really accomplished something.

I laughed and told Renee "I learned enough to realize how much more I want to learn," and it's true. I'm really looking forward to going back and learning the right way to own a gun every step of the way. It's so important.

One thing is for sure it takes a lot of concentration, focus and a steady arm to hit the target correctly. It's really important to take it very seriously and be on point to stay safe. For me this experience has really driven home the point, that the key to gun safety and responsibility is education and responsible practice.

Lone Star Shooting Sports, located at 6020 43rd Street, is an incredible facility that offers a wide range of shooting sport. They also offer lessons and have many classes available.

A great big thank you to the responsible and fantastic team at Lone Star Shooting Sports. You can see more from our time at the range in the gallery below.

Lonestar Shooting Sports -- Lubbock, Texas

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