Fearless Champion is on the mend as you can see in this rare footage. He's in training with Cody, the very special horse who has been substituting for him since his injury.

Based on the video above, Fearless Champion is doing really well. He's able to walk and jog a little after suffering an injury in August.

Fearless is now able to go on walks and even jog for a bit to help his recovery. After football games I like to let Cody stretch his legs by walking and jogging and I decided it would probably be a good idea to go for a jog myself!

Cody's story is pretty unique: he's a horse with Aggies roots that was recruited at the last-possible moment after Fearless Champion suffered a leg injury.

But not just any horse can fill the shoes of Fearless Champion. Cody proved himself a true Red Raider when he carried the Masked Rider -- and Texas Tech -- to a home opener win against Lamar.

Right now, we don't know if Fearless Champion will be back in time for the Kansas game on October 20th. We're just glad to see him looking strong and hope that he'll be back on the field soon. But if he's not, Cody's got this.


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