The search for missing affluenza teen Ethan Couch is heating up. Now the FBI and US Marshals are involved, but they believe Couch’s wealth will once again keep him from being punished for his crimes.

Couch is believed to have fled the country after his last probation appointment along with his millionaire mother, Tonya Lynette Pope Couch, who is now listed as a missing person by the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities are also searching for Couch’s Black, 2011 Ford F-150 Pickup with the Texas license plate BC5-0945.

Ethan Couch's truck - Courtesy: Tarrant County Sheriff's Office
Ethan Couch's truck - Courtesy: Tarrant County Sheriff's Office

Couch is infamous for killing four in a drunk driving accident in 2013 and receiving a slap on the wrist by former District Judge Jean Boyd. Boyd bought the affluenza defense, which basically said because Couch was so rich and had never been punished before in his life, he should not serve jail time.

Jean Boyd accepted that Couch was unable to be punished by his crimes because of his wealth.

Now it is unlikely Couch will pay for not skipping his court mandated probationary meetings for taking four lives.

Boyd retired shortly after passing down the controversial decision.

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