Evie Mae's has sparked the love for BBQ in the Lubbock community, and they just did it again by putting us on the map for best in the state.

Texas Monthly Magazine is something everyone looks to when it comes to food and BBQ. Every four years they release "The 50 Best BBQ Joints in Texas," and Evie Mae's (217 US-62, Wolfforth, Texas), is no stranger to making it. This year, not only did they make the list, but hit the top 10, coming in at number eight.

While this is no shock to anyone in the area or who has tried their food, it does help shine some light on the area and how Lubbock really is a great foodie spot.

I reached out to the owners of Evie Mae's about how they're feeling about receiving the impressive accolade, and they had a humble response.

"We’re excited. We’re thankful for our crew," said Mallory Robbins. "Lots of places didn’t make the list. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have amazing BBQ. It just shows us how much insanely good BBQ is available in our state."

Evie Mae's opened in 2015 as a food truck, and soon the owners Arnis and Mallory Robbins knew it was time for a brick-and-mortar location. A year later, they opened a place out in Wolfforth, Texas, and the love for their food grew in the community. Just this year, they opened a second location inside the United Supermarkets at Slide and 114th. Both locations go until they sell out and most of the time they do before they even need to close.

Now, I am a foodie and love going to Evie Mae's, but the hardest part is deciding what to get. If you're feeling bold and brave, you need to try their big beef rib (pictured below). It's honestly my favorite meat on the menu, but just prepare to share with someone or have leftovers because it's definitely bigger than it looks in the picture.

Photo by: Kelsee Pitman
Photo: Kelsee Pitman

While Evie Mae's broke the top 10, there's a second West Texas BBQ joint that made the top 50 list. Rejino Barbeque in Olton came in at no. 17 and is 53 minutes from Lubbock.

While I haven't been out there yet, it's now on my list to do as well.

If you want to see the other winners or more about what Texas Monthly had to say about Evie Mae's, you can read their article and maybe find somewhere new to try if you are out traveling around Texas.

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