As Scooby-Doo would put it: 'Ruh Row Raggy...". The USADA has made public a report that claims Lance Armstrong is part of 'the most sophisticated doping program in history'. What does this mean for his used to be legacy and all of those Livestrong fans....?

The United States Anti-Doping Agency made public a 202 page report that explains in extreme detail the investigation of Lance Armstrong and his lead part in the USPS Team's Doping Program.

They're calling it 'the most sophisticated doping program in history', but what I want to know and what I really care about are the people Lance was supposed to be setting an example for.

So many fans will be let down. Lance was the iconic figure for the Livestrong campaign. "Lance overcame cancer and still became the world's greatest cyclist so he's who I'm going to look up to!" .... not so much anymore.

I am a little torn, though, because he did have cancer. You can't fake that and he still trained and put in the work. So it's not to say that his efforts aren't all together admirable, but to stand up on the 1st place podium 7 times and call himself a winner when he knew he had an illegal edge is just shameful.

I don't know...

It's just a sad day for fans all over the world.