Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si Robertson is preparing for lung surgery after a year-and-a-half’s worth of health issues. The 74-year-old seems very excited to have the procedure and says he’ll soon be talking everyone’s ears off again.

During various episodes of the Duck Call Room podcast, Si Robertson has admitted that smoking is partially to blame for his bad lung and breathing difficulties. He also has COPD, which made an early 2021 COVID-19 diagnosis very worrisome. He admitted later that he thought he wouldn’t make it through COVID, with family and his podcast co-hosts adding that he didn’t do all he could to help himself.

In an episode called “Uncle Si’s COVID-19 Story,” the four men recount Si being unwilling to go to the hospital at first, and then after being sent home several days later, refusing to take his medication. Eventually he conceded and began to get better. In May of 2022, he started to explain why he needed lung surgery.

During Ep. 146 of the Duck Call Room, Si says that when he breathes in, both lungs work fine. When he exhales, one lung is under-performing, so he's having surgery to install a device that allows the bad lung to exhale the air it needs to.

Surgery is imminent.

“There are a few more things we have to do, but it looks like I’m approved for lung surgery,” he writes. “Then I’ll be able to talk your ears off with even more stories, all guaranteed to be 95 percent true.”

Si's announcement that he was ready to return to the podcast came on Feb. 11, 2021.

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