The Texas Tech Museum is one of just a few museums in town where you can learn about different cultures, art, and get cool souvenirs but the only one where you can learn about dinosaurs. This month the Texas Tech Museum is holding their annual Dino Day event and is inviting everyone across the South Plains to come and join. Dino Day is the biggest event of the year for the Texas Tech Museum and has been a staple of information for more than 20 years.

This Dino Day event will have plenty of things to do to encourage minds, young and old, to start asking questions and ignite that spark of curiosity. This event is held through the museums education division who has partnered with the paleontology division to bring real experts who have actually uncovered fossils. Those paleontologist will be leading tours at the museum for the dinosaur gallery where everyone, especially children, are encouraged to ask questions.

The paleontologist will also be highlighting the museums collection of fossil specimens along with the possibility of visitors getting to see real fossil specimens up close. In an interview with KFYO News the coordinator for the event, Caroline Reeves, states that here in West Texas we have a very rich source of prehistoric materials. These prehistoric materials let people know who or what was here before Lubbock was ever established and is an important part of our past as a whole.

After touring the dinosaur gallery guests are encouraged to visit the rest of the museum or they can make their way to the sculpture court where there will be crafts and activities for kids. All crafts and activities will be dinosaur themed with a dig box for kiddos to search for fossils in that they will be able to take home with them. If any guests get tired and want to rest their feet then they are more than welcome to head on over to the Moody Planetarium where they can take a seat. Visitors at the Moody Planetarium will be able to enjoy a 25-minute show where they can go on an adventure without having to get up and leave their seat.

This year's Dino Day will be on Sunday November 13 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. where there will be free parking, free admission, and free planetarium shows, the gift shop is unfortunately not free. More information about Dino Day can be found at the Texas Tech Museums Facebook and Instagram.

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