Tommy Tuberville never really fit in here at Texas Tech and certainly not in the city of Lubbock. Years after living here he'd compare living in the city to living in Iraq. That only fueled the disdain for the former coach of the Red Raiders.

Looking back on the Tuberville it wasn't all bad, but when it was bad it was downright awful.

The 2011 football hype video certainly fell into the bad category.

Just look at that Tombstone rip-off Tommy Tuberville waltzing down broadway like he's some kind of tough hombre.

Also, no, that video isn't slowed down at all. That's the sleepy pace of the entire video.

It's a great idea, the western theme and West Texas legend they wanted to emulate just don't fit for Tommy Tuberville. The players are great. They fit the bill. Tommy looks like a doofus.

I'm probably being too hard on the video, the 2011 season wasn't a great one to remember back on which might be where some of the hate comes back too, but the part of the video that I don't think anyone can argue against me on is the terrible delivery of Tuberville's, "Guns Up." at the end of the video.

Absolutely nobody believed that Tommy had the gumption to lift his six-shooter or draw on anybody. The only draw he'd ever call was on 3rd and 17 just so he could get the punt team on the field.

Maybe Joey McGuire and his staff should remake the video with a little more pep in their steps. I bet Joey would kill the Guns Up line.

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