The View....? Not too sure who thought this was an awesome idea, but I bet it helped their ratings that he performed brand new music!

How else are you supposed to get people to watch The View?

I don't mean to bust any chops, here, but Dierks Bentley is a BIG name Country Star and I'm glad to see he doesn't have any problem hanging out with the ladies of The View. (I say this as a compliment because there are some artists out there with the 'Kanye West Syndrome' where they might think they're too good for anything less than 'what's hott' these days)

Back on point!

We're so excited for Dierks' new, upcoming album set to release this fall! We already know


that Kacey Musgraves is on the album with him, but we wanna know more! Thankfully, he gave us just that by performing a brand new song from his upcoming album last Friday (07/26) on The View!

Missed it? No worries! Blake's got it for you, of course!