The original prehistoric Stonehenge monument has astounded many and been a travel destination in England, according to the English Heritage Website it receives more than a million visitors a year according to

If you thought you had to travel to England to visit Stonehenge, think again, granted the original prehistoric site is in England, but right here in Texas Hill Country an impressive replica stands according to the Hill Country Arts Foundation. 

Originally created,more than 20 years ago, by Al Shepperd of Hunt Texas, and located on FM1340 according to Wikipedia, it is now proudly displayed on the campus of the Hill Country Arts Foundation in Ingram Texas.

It is extremely popular in Texas Hill Country, according to the HCAF website. It's free and open to the public from dawn until dusk. It is possible to arrange gatherings there, including weddings! You can contact HCAF at 830-367-5121 for more information.


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