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On Monday, Feb. 17th, demolition begins on a water tower in central Lubbock.

The water tower at 50th Street and Joliet Avenue is being torn down as part of a city project to build five new water towers in Lubbock.

Joliet Avenue will remain open during demolition, which should take six weeks to complete. The sidewalk between the CVS and Joliet Ave. along 50th Street, however, will be closed.

Access will sometimes be restricted on 50th Street between Indiana and Joliet Avenue.

The City of Lubbock first announced plans to build new water towers in 2019. A new water tower is expected to be built to replace the one that is being demolished at 50th and Joliet Avenue.

In other parts of the city, four brand new water towers will be built over a span of five years, with two slated to begin construction in fall 2020. Projected locations for the four new water tower locations are at Avenue W and 35th Street, University Ave. and 3rd Street, Milwaukee Ave. and 104th Street, and at Quaker Ave. and the Clovis Highway.

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