Unless you're going as a Pokemon trainer, Harambe or an exploding Galaxy Note 7, you can't do 2016 for Halloween better than a Creepy Clown. And I've only done about 10,000 clown makeup jobs in my day, so I thought I'd help you out with a tutorial.

Special thanks to Justin for being my model. And make sure to stayed tuned until the end for our fun office scare.

A few notes on the products I used in the creepy clown makeup tutorial video above:

  • Don't cheap out on your clown white. The cheap stuff is a greasy, transparent mess. Ben Nye, Mehron and Graftobian all make excellent whites. Halloween stores generally carry one or two decent brands of cream white.
  • If you don't have any powder to set your makeup, you can use an age old beauty/drag queen technique that I use all the time: Aerosol hairspray. Seriously, nothing works better. It's gross, but it works. Mehron makes an excellent, inexpensive setting spray if hairspray is just too cheap for you.
  • We sped up through some of my product explanations to keep the video short, but I used a Graftobian cream wheel for my colors which I highly recommend for ease and smoothness. However, you can absolutely get by with regular eye makeup - liners, shadows, etc. Just don't get too colorful or your clown will lose its creepy. If you use a cream color, kids craft brushes work fabulously and are really inexpensive. I get a pack of four from Target for $3.
  • I also use a small shadow brush to lay in a little black on the sides of the nose and to feather out the eye sockets and and the eye shapes to add to the dark & creepy.

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