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The highly-anticipated Creamistry brings liquid nitrogen, fast frozen sub-zero ice cream  to Lubbock and is tentatively set to open this February in the West End Plaza, according to Lubbock in the Loop.

This unique and amazing ice cream shop takes things beyond chill. They take pride in their liquid nitrogen ice cream made to order. They serve up 60+ creations, exciting flavors and every imaginable topping. Plus, options include vegan and non-dairy creations, according to their website. Creamistry in Lubbock is hiring now.

Here's what they shared on their Facebook page:

At Creamistry, we handcraft our premium ice cream one delicious scoop at a time! We use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze our ice cream at -321° F. Choose from over 60+ flavors & toppings! Made-to-order and customizable just the way you like it!

We look forward to this exciting new ice cream adventure here in Lubbock. We'll keep you posted on their opening.

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