Daniel Craig will return for another James Bond movie, but who's next? We think these five country singers would do a pretty good job of replacing the famous Brit as Agent 007.

Granted, none of these five have the accent, the acting experience or the proven ability to kill a man without remorse in one scene and dither around with a barroom blonde in the next ... James Bond is a complicated man, but so is George Strait. He has the swagger, the steely glare and while he's not a gunslinger, he's a guitar slinger. That counts, right?

Picture it: "Strait, George Strait."

Craig Morgan was a fire support specialist in the Army and had Army Ranger training. He pretty much has more weapons training than anyone in country music, plus he's trained in just about every life-saving profession there is short of brain surgeon. The rugged outdoorsman would be a great choice should Bond need to go to Siberia.

Maren Morris is a favorite for a female James Bond. Did you see her in that video for Thomas Rhett's "Craving You"? And no one looks better in a tuxedo than Brett Eldredge. "The Long Way" singer recently proved he's pretty good on sneaking up on people, as well.

Watch to learn our No. 1 choice for the next (country-singing) James Bond. This guy has the swagger, the sex appeal and some acting chops. Maybe he'll even BYOB — as in bring your own babe. His wife would look good next to him on camera!

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