Country great T.G. Sheppard is set to perform live at the Coyote Country Store in Gail, Texas on Saturday, July 28th, 2018 with The Texas Cadillac Jack Band and Cathy Whitten.

"I Loved 'em Everyone", "Smooth Sailing," "Last Cheaters Waltz," "Only One You" and so many more of his unforgettable hit songs will make a great night of music.

About 20 years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview T.G. Sheppard in El Paso. He's an amazing talent and a truly great person. He had an album signing and my daughter, who was about 3 years old at the time, hit it off famously with him and sat right beside him for most of the signing. That was pretty unforgettable!

This is sure to be an incredible show at this rustically-charming venue. When I recently visited the Coyote Country Store, I discovered something wonderful: the good old days do exist, and the proof is in Gail, Texas!

The amazing story of the Coyote Country Store could warm the heart of the most jaded soul. Share in the spirit of their incredible journey and get out for T.G. Sheppard's show.

Tickets for the T.G. Sheppard show start at $20. You can purchase them through the Coyote Country Store by calling 806-756-4330, or you can purchase them through Outhouse Tickets.

Steaks there are also a bargain; they're big, hand-cut, incredible and so special that you do need to pre-order with your ticket. But go for it to get the full experience -- the kind you will never forget.

And be listening in July for your chance to win T.G. Sheppard tickets on Lonestar 99.5.

We'll see you in Gail, Texas with T.G. Sheppard at the Coyote Country Store.

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