We wrote about it during the game, but T.J. Vasher's catch is worth a second, third and maybe 27th look.

ESPN agreed, as they made T.J. Vasher number one on the Top 10 of the opening weekend of the college football season.

Vasher beat out a layout grab from the Texas Longhorns, a Penn State interception in overtime to seal a win, and an incredible blocked punt where a Toledo guy just takes the ball away from the punter's foot.

You can check out all of the incredible plays that T.J. Vasher was more incredible than in the video above. A definite bright spot in a pretty dull day for the Red Raiders.

One complaint: every one-handed catch doesn't need to be followed by, "OH WOW, ODELL BECKHAM STYLE." He wasn't the first to make a one-handed catch, and obviously he doesn't have the market cornered. This Vasher catch and Odell's most famous grab against the Cowboys do have striking similarities, though. They were both one-handed, over a defender and in a loss.

The best line of the recap was, "That's good enough for Sundays." Does Vasher have a great future ahead of him? It looked like it this weekend.

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