Cody, the horse who filled in for an injured Fearless Champion this season, gets to go home.

After doing a terrific job subbing for Fearless Champion, Cody gets to retire to his home pasture.

The Masked Rider shared a heartfelt message on Facebook about this bittersweet moment and the tremendous memories she shared with Cody.

"Cody returned home to the pasture for a happy retirement with his buds," The Masked Rider wrote on Facebook. "Thank you Jim and Mavis for letting Cody be a part of the Red Raider family."

What a remarkable horse he is, and what a great journey it's been.

It's also good to know Fearless Champion is mending well. Hopefully, we'll see him back on the field next season. Guns up!


    Cody Makes His Fearless Debut

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