Due to the lack of precipitation across the South Plains, the City of Wolfforth has enacted Stage 2 water restrictions.

KAMC News reports that under Stage 2, mandatory irrigation limitations are in place and overflow or runoff violations will cause citizens to be subject to fines up to $500 per day.

Doug Hutcheson, the City of Wolfforth Public Works Director, stated that due to the lack of rain and certain wells being unavailable for production until the Wolfforth's Electrodialysis Reversal Treatment plant is online, the city is being placed under Stage 2 restrictions.

Hutcheson also added that Wolfforth wells have been producing over 1 million gallons per day for most of the last two months, which is the highest level in several years.

The City Hall has released an irrigation schedule which states that homes with addresses ending in even numbers may water their lawns on Sundays and Thursdays while houses which end in odd numbers are only to water their lawns on Saturdays and Wednesdays. All watering should begin after 8 p.m.