While Carrie Underwood may be one of the biggest names in the music industry and her husband, Mike Fisher, a renowned name in hockey, both came from humble beginnings.

Now, the superstar couple wants to ensure that their own children remain humble, despite their parents' successes.

Underwood opened up at the recent Country Radio Seminar about raising her boys, Isaiah, 5, and Jacob, 1, based off of her humble beginnings. "To watch them just go from humble beginnings and work really hard, and give us everything we ever needed, we saw that," she said, referencing her parents (via the Blast).

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"We saw that example, and I want to build off that," she insists. I want to teach that to our children, which is I think going to be a bigger challenge than either me, or my husband, ever thought about, because we just live in a fantasy land, right?"

And While Underwood and Fisher try not to spoil their boys by buying them toys upon toys, it appears other people lend to the problem, no matter how much the couple says "no."

"Everywhere we go, other people give my kid things," Underwood shares. "And we don't mind the toys. They obviously have toys. But we'll go into their little play area, and I'm like, 'I didn't buy any of this.' Other people do, and it's hard."

"This isn't the real world. We recognize that, and we know that we have a lot of work to do to make sure our children are humble and hard workers," she explains, "And we've got to tell people to stop buying them stuff."

The country superstar's mother — who was once welfare and put herself through college — ensured that the singer never had to worry about being taken care of growing up.

"I think for us, as children, it was just something we never had to worry about," Underwood says.

She and Fisher want to make sure that their kids have the same foundation and that they appreciate the people in their lives above possessions.

"We had that foundation, and that was really important. And Mike's the same way, and we talk about it a lot, how it's just important for a child to know that home is home and it's these people," Underwood says. "And we want to be that for them."

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