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The candidate filing deadline for the 2022 primary in Texas came and went.

The primary election will be held on March 1st, 2022. The primary runoff election will take place on May 24th, 2022. The general election will occur on November 8th, 2022.

Listed below are all the individuals who filed to run in the Republican or Democratic Primaries.

Governor (Republican)

Greg Abbott - Incumbent

Chad Prather

Paul Belew

Danny Harrison

Don Huffines

Allen B. West

Rick Perry

Governor (Democrat)

Beto O'Rourke

Rich Wakeland

Joy Diaz

Michael Cooper

Inocencio (Inno) Barrientez

Lieutenant Governor (Republican)

Dan Patrick - Incumbent

Trayce Bradford

Daniel Miller

Aaron Sorrells

Zach Vance

Todd M. Bullis

Lieutenant Governor (Democrat)

Mike Collier

Michelle Beckley

Carla Brailey

Attorney General (Republican)

Ken Paxton - Incumbent

Eva Guzman

Louie Gohmert

George P. Bush

Attorney General (Democrat)

Lee Merritt

Joe Jaworski

Rochelle Mercedes Garza

Mike Fields

S. "Tbone" Raynor

Comptroller of Public Accounts (Republican)

Glenn Hegar - Incumbent

Mark V. Goloby

Commissioner of the General Land Office (Republican)

Victor Avila

Ben Armenta

Dawn Buckingham

Rufus Lopez

Weston Martinez

Don. W. Minton

Tim Westley

Jon Spiers

Commissioner of the General Land Office (Democrat)

Jay Cleberg

Michael Lange

Jinny Suh

Sandragrace Martinez

Commissioner of Agriculture (Republican)

Sid Miller - Incumbent

James White

Carey A. Counsil

Commissioner of Agriculture (Democrat)

Ed Ireson

Susan Hays

Railroad Commissioner (Republican)

Wayne Christian - Incumbent

Sarah Stogner

Tom Slocum Jr.

Marvin "Sarge" Summers

Dawayne Tipton

Railroad Commissioner (Democrat)

Luke Warford

U.S. Representative District 19 (Republican)

Jodey C. Arrington - Incumbent

State Representative District 88 (Republican)

Ken King - Incumbent

Ted Hutto

State Representative District 84 (Republican)

Carl Tepper

Cheryl Little

Kade Wilcox

David Glasheen

State Representative District 83 (Republican)

Dustin Burrows - Incumbent

Austin Jordan

District Judge, 72nd Judicial District (Republican)

Ann-Marie Carruth - Incumbent

John Grace

District Judge, 137th Judicial District (Republican)

John "Trey" McClendon - Incumbent

District Judge, 237th Judicial District (Republican)

Les Hatch - Incumbent

District Judge, 364th Judicial District (Republican)

Billy Eichman - Incumbent

Lubbock County Judge (Republican)

Curtis Parish - Incumbent

Gary Boren

Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney (Republican)

K. Sunshine Stanek - Incumbent

Lubbock County District Clerk (Republican)

Sara Smith

Lubbock County Clerk (Republican)

Kelly J. Pinion - Incumbent

Lubbock County Treasurer (Republican)

Chris Winn - Incumbent

Lubbock County Court at Law No. 1 (Republican)

Mark Hocker - Incumbent

Lubbock County Court at Law No. 2 (Republican)

Tom Brummett

Chris Wanner

Bob Nebb

Lubbock County Court at Law No. 3 (Republican)

Ben Webb - Incumbent

Lubbock County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1 (Republican)

Jim Hansen - Incumbent

Lubbock County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 (Republican)

Susan Rowley - Incumbent

Lubbock County Justice of the Peace Precinct 3 (Republican)

Frank Gutierrez

Lubbock County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 (Republican)

Lance Cansino - Incumbent

TJ McAuley

Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct 4 (Republican)

Chad W. Seay - Incumbent

Jordan Rackler

Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct 2 (Republican)

Jason Corley - Incumbent

Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct 2 (Democrat)

John Gatica

Lubbock County Republican Party Chairman

Cole Shooter

Precinct Chairs (Republican)

Precinct 2 - Patrick Kelly

Precinct 5 - Dora T. Cortez

Precinct 15 - Kay Harris

Precinct 18 - Dwight Finckbone

Precinct 21 - Gordon T. Lee

Precinct 22 - Jane Elizabeth Anderson

Precinct 27 - Gulrez “Gus” Khan

Precinct 28 - Deanne Clark

Precinct 29 - Anah Menjares

Precinct 33 - Tricia Hays

Precinct 47 - Mikel Ward

Precinct 62 - Ken Corbin

Precinct 66 - Skeet Workman

Precinct 66 - Ricky Wilks

Precinct 75 - Jan Powell

Precinct 104 - Melissa Chamales

Precinct 120 - Lori Little

Precinct 123 - Mary Ann Bridges

Precinct 128 - Steve Evans

Precinct 129 - Rob Snyder

Precinct 140 - Betsy Bloechl

Precinct 155 - Lynda Hogue

Precinct Chairs (Democrat)

Precinct 1 - Katarina Flores

Precinct 4 - Leo Flores

Precinct 5 - Lala Chavez

Precinct 7 - Lisa Karnes

Precinct 9 - John Sims

Precinct 10 - Clyde James

Precinct 15 - Mary Catherine Jung

Precinct 16 - Charles Lee Clair

Precinct 19 - Janis Henderson

Precinct 21 - Mary Harris

Precinct 22 - Danna Leann Lamb-Vines

Precinct 23 - Neale Pearson

Precinct 24 - Anne Wharton

Precinct 25 - Earlene Bustillos

Precinct 27 - Marvin Brock

Precinct 28 - Sue Roseanne Barrick

Precinct 29 - Jack Clinton Looney

Precinct 41 - Laura Diann Grayson

Precinct 52 - Kayla Charisse Fox

Precinct 57 - Kimberleigh Gonzalez

Precinct 60 - Mark Stoll

Precinct 62 - Debra Dianne Spencer

Precinct 66 - Jason Rinaldo

Precinct 76 - Charlotte Ann Dunham

Precinct 118 - Diana Zubia-Rae

Precinct 119 - Mary Ann Lawson

Precinct 121 - James Marchbanks

Precinct 122 - Teresa Roeder

Precinct 125 - Maria Maura Maldia

Precinct 128 - Margaret Ceja

Precinct 129 - Cannon Roberts

Precinct 141 - Devin McCain

Precinct 153 - Gordon Harris

Precinct 155 - Clint Gregg

As of the publication of this article, this is the information that's available. For additional information, visit the Texas Secretary of State website.

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